Monday, January 23, 2012

NOT COOL take 2...Please read!

I would like everyone to take a moment and read this.  This is some SERIOUS stuff.
An artist creates as a form of self expression and for the enjoyment of others.  We create to share with others.  What seems like a simple drawing or painting took time, emotional and spiritual energy.  It is a piece of the creator.  It is a baring of the soul.
Having said that, it truly hurts when some person comes along and has the gall to STEAL someone's work and use it as their own.  There are COPYRIGHT laws for a reason.
It saddens me to say that this happened to a wonderful digistamp designer, Chris Stern of CS Designs.  Last year a similar incident occurred to Bee.
Please read Chris' post.  Help prevent design theft.
Please give credit where it's due.  Don't be a party pooper and suck all the fun out of creating.
Take heart.


  1. Oh no! Why why why do people steal other people's artwork again and again? It's just so low! Thanks for making us aware of the situation - it's so sad.
    By the way - I LOVE your blue mermaid card below!! Gorgeous :)

  2. Mary, thank you for the eloquent post and for your constant support of artists. I'm so thankful you stumbled into my life, my friend. xoxo


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