Thursday, November 24, 2011

It's Turkey Day!

Hey everyone!  I cannot believe how quickly time is passing, the year is almost over.  But we get to look forward to another year of making memories.  Have a safe and healthy Thanksgiving and be grateful for all that is good in your lives.

Peace and love,
Mary xoxo

10 Things I am Thankful For:
  1. my health
  2. Art and being able to afford to do it for fun
  3. Music and being able to pursue it again.  I LOVE MY IBANEZ.  Just wish I could devote more time to it
  4. my awesome friends
  5. Dunkin Donuts french vanilla coffee
  6. being able to help and heal others through my work
  7. pumpkin pie....pumpkin anything actually
  8. Cozymel's Cozy on the Beach - best drink I ever had
  9. children's laughter
  10. and last but not least...Hugh Laurie.  He is a renaissance man in my mind.  That man is so talented!

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