Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Flower power!

Happy Bunny flower fairy
pencil, ink
Hey there!
Firstly, thank you to everybody for the positive reinforcement.  It really feels nice to join such a fun challenge :)
Wow, I thought I wasn't going to have anything to submit for this week's Wicked Wednesday challenge!  Things have been so crazy this week I literally did not have a moment to myself.  So, this is a last minute submission.  I did this during my lunch break at work. 
This week's theme is flowers.  Oh, how I miss springtime.  The skies darken so early now and it has been nothing but dreary, rainy weather here on Long Island.

Well, here she is.  Hope you like it and thanks for stopping by.

Peace and love,
Mary xoxo

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  1. Mary - I am so glad you made it, I was wondering where you were! LOL I absolutely adore this - it's so clever. I love your style, my friend. Thanks for joining us at Wicked Wednesdays - smooches! xo


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