Thursday, July 21, 2011

Music hurts....sometimes

Yuki no Sakura
Cherry Blossom in the snow
I had to take a break from my guitar...Firework isn't sounding so fireworky?  More like a wet firework that won't ignite at the moment.  So, instead of getting frustrated I gave my poor left hand a rest(fingertips are burning, tendons are on strike from barre chords...curse you small hands!) and did a quick doodle. This is the end result. (good thing I'm not a lefty...)
I've been getting reacquainted with my alter Japanese ego.  Say "moshi moshi" to Yuki and her kitty.  She looks kind of sad, doesn't she?  I guess my feelings came through on my sketch.  But I am NOT going to give up. 
I'm going to go ice my fingers now and tomorrow will be another opportunity to rock out. but for now, oyasumi nasai and sweet dreams!

Mary xoxo

Disclaimer: The undertaking of practicing the guitar today for 45 minutes straight was done of my own free will.  No serious injuries or damages were sustained and my senseii had NOTHING to do with it. That is all.

Ink and marker on paper

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