Saturday, February 4, 2012

Horsing around...

Happy Saturday everyone!
I'm here to remind you to check out the Wicked Wednesday Mermaid/Sea Monster Challenge that's sponsored by Just Some Lines.  Enter your awesome creation for a chance to win the cute mermaid!
I had previously created a Merbunny for our Under the Sea Challenge a couple of weeks I went with a lil sea monster for this week's reminder post...

Say hello to Haylee the Happy Hippocamp!
Sentiment from Words Imagined
The Hippocamp: the mythological ancestor of our modern day seahorses.  These creatures are the main means of transportation for Poseidon, king of the sea.
I sketched the uppper horse body in the style of <flashback to the 1980s> My Little Pony and added a digi fish tail.
She's on her way over to Merbunny's for lunch :)
Have a great weekend!
Peace and love,
Mary xoxo

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