Friday, August 5, 2011

Stopping by the bakery

Top row: Cherry cheesecake, Apricot filled cookie, Chocolate covered strawberry, Flan
2nd row: Creme brulee, Blueberry cupcake, Peach cobbler, Chocolate chip cookie
3rd row: Strawberry frosted donut, Vanilla layer cake w/strawberry, Strawberry frosted vanilla cupcake, Apple turnover
4th row: Cookies n cream cupcake, Fruit tart, Lemon chiffon cake, Orange bundt cake
5th row: Jelly roll, Black & White cookie, Rainbow cookie, Pina Colada cupcake

There is a good reason why I don't stop into a bakery too often.  I could end up in diabetic shock.  But treats in moderation are ok.  I can't wait to visit Babycakes in NYC again...I'm craving their vegan red velvet cupcakes! 
Have a good week everybody
Mary xoxo

Pencil, ink, marker, crayon on paper

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